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Digox 6.1

Digox 6.1 measures traces of oxygen dissolved in water and high-purity water. Stationary and portable devices are designed for continuous operation in sampling systems for steam cycles. Data interfaces, analogue signals, alarms and contacts offer a wide range of options for integrating Digox 6.1 into a process control system. The robust design of the Thiedig sensor with automatic calibration enables almost maintenance-free operation. Calibration can be performed at any time during the measuring or activated at programmable time intervals. Therefore, safe and reliable measuring is always guaranteed.

Flexible and Portable:
Digox 6.1 K-LC
is a portable device that measures traces of oxygen dissolved in high-purity water. The rechargeable battery allows independent operation for up to 6.5 hours. The internal control panel records up to 2,000 data sets. The integrated trend recorder continuously records all measured values and displays them directly as graphics.

Digox 6.1 KS Application (stationary):
• Monitoring of oxygen concentration in the boiler feed water, condensate, and process water
• Oxygen leak detection in steam or heating networks
• As a control variable for oxygen dosing systems

Digox 6.1 K-LC Application (portable):
• Oxygen leak detection
• Regular measuring of oxygen in places that are not equipped with stationary measuring devices
• Inspection of stationary analyzers 

Technical Specification

Device Stationary device Digox 6.1 KS (DG 75,00,00)
Measuring range 0… 1 000 μg / l O2, display up to 20 000 μg / l divided into 3 measuring ranges
Measuring error <1% relative to the measured value or minimum ± 0,5 μg / l
Detection limit 0,2 μg / l
Resolution 0,01 μg / l, adjustable
Response time t90 <8 s
Calibration manual and automatic calibration with automatic test, possible in three areas
Data recording 2 000 data sets in continual data recorder
Flow 3… 20 l / h, automatically compensated, optimum 10 l / h
Sample pressure 0… 8 bar, pressure-free output of the pressure peak up to  16 bar
Sample temperature 0… 60 ° C, automatically compensated
Minimum conductivity > 1,5 μS / cm
Ambient temperature 0 ... 40 ° C
Signal outputs 3 x active 0 (4) ... 20 mA, freely adjustable 5 x switching contact (converter), optional 60V / 0.5A optional 3 x switching contact (converter) 230V / 0.5A
Interface optional Ethernet, USB 2.0
Power source 100… 240 VAC (50/60 Hz), 20 VA, optionally 24 VDC (DG 75.10.00)
Protection system IP 65
Weight 8.0 kg, mounted on a stainless steel plate (optionally on a stainless steel cabinet)
Dimensions 580 x 335 x 140 mm (height x width x depth)

Main Functions

  • Reliable and robust design of the Thiedig sensor
  • Accuracy – available anytime
  • Active Thiedig calibration
  • Easy control – on the device or computer