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CatCon 6 delta

The analyzer consists of a Con 6 m measuring transducer and an intelligent CatControl 6 cationic filter. It is used for continuous operation of conductivity measuring.

The Con 6 m measuring transducer also offers the possibility of integrating flow measuring for monitoring the sample flow in the system of representative and VGB compatible sample analysis. For continuous use, the measuring transmitter can be equipped with a wide-range factory mains adapter (4-wire principle). Alternatively, a two-wire version is also available if a separate auxiliary voltage is not required. The ventilation integrated as a standard in CatControl 6 ensures bubble-free flow even in the start-up phase system.

The pH value is calculated by determining the differential conductivity according to the VGB standard, which provides low operating and maintenance costs. This is a reliable alternative to conventional pH determination using a glass electrode.

Necessary prerequisites for calculating the pH value:
   • use of only one alkalization medium
   • main NaCl contamination
   • pH values > 8
   • low phosphate concentration (<0.5 mg / l)

Technical Specification

Device CatCon 6 delta
Display graphic display, backlit by the colour change status display


menu with 7 control keys

Ambient temperature

temperature 0 ... +55 ° C; transport and storage temperature -30 ... +70 ° C; relative humidity 10 ... 95% non-condensing
Operating parameters of the medium 

0 ... + 60 ° C

Conductivity electrode

2x LS 06 with cable

Measuring range 2x conductivity 0.001 ... 1 000 μS / cm; calculation of pH value 7.5 – 10.5


<1% of the measured value + 0.01 μS / cm
Cation filter 1.5 l resin with colour indicator and integrated flow sensor
Sample quantity Displayed in  l / h with a digital flow sensor

Data interface

RS 485, HART

Alarm outputs

four relays, alarm, 3x limit value (4-wire)

Analog outputs

one or two 0 (4)… 20 mA, galvanically isolated

Power source

2-wire without auxiliary voltage; 4-wire; 80 V ... 230 VAC; ≤ 10 W; 45… 65 Hz; 24 V… 60 VDC; 10 W;

Protection system

IP 67 a NEMA 4x


1,2 kg


1 000 x 300 x 117 mm (height x width x depth)

Main Functions 

  • Calculation of pH value in the range of pH pH 7.5 to 10.5
  • Simultaneous measuring of conductivity, temperature and monitoring of sample flow
  • User-defined linear and non-linear compensation of temperature for different contamination of high-purity water
  • Two analogue outputs with HART protocol
  • Freely usable digital contacts in 4-wire version (alarm, 3x limit value)